Strong Football: Breaking Down the Triple Option Quarterbacks Responsibilities – Part 1

West Point QB via West Point Public Relations
Photo by West Point Public Relations.

I’ve got a new article up over at Strong Football that breaks down the triple option quarterback’s responsibilities. It’s the first part of a two-part series and has a lot of information. Check out the excerpt below…

Developing the option quarterback is an essential aspect of most offenses, and this is certainly true for option football. In an option football scheme it is the single most important element of success. The reality is an option football play can be blocked perfectly, but if the option quarterback makes an incorrect read, the result will likely be a loss, or worse, a turnover. In light of this, lets break down exactly what the option quarterback does in the triple option from the time he breaks the huddle to when the whistle is blown.  Click here to read the rest of the article.

Head over to his site and check it out. While your there, take a look around at the other great content. Coach Peterson is an awesome source of football knowledge. I particularly enjoyed his posts on using the option to keep defenses gap sound and why offensive line coaches need to understand defensive run fits. Both are excellent reads and I appreciate the opportunity to work with @CoachCP.

In Other News…

I am also working on a few other things to feed your football addictions. I am currently developing a piece on discussing offensive linemen development in the zone scheme. More to come on this as it develops. Additionally, I am working on the first installment of my Ride and Decide section that will review products, applications, books and other various things of interest to those of us in the coaching profession.

Also, for those of you who have subscribed to my email list, I am also working diligently on my Flexbone eBook. I am hoping to have it completed by the end of January. Know the Option. Run the Option. Love the Option.


Option Quarterback: 10 Key Coaching Points

The option quarterback is the key component to an option football offensive scheme. His ability to make decisions within the context of the play directly affects the offenses ability to move the ball.  If the quarterback is unable to do this consistently, the offense will struggle to maintain any sustainability. Continue reading Option Quarterback: 10 Key Coaching Points

Dissecting the Option Football Read

The most important aspect of option football is the read. It is the primary factor controlling whether or not your team will be successful.

I have seen option football teams with good offensive lines and solid running backs have less than average results when the quarterback struggles to make the correct read. With this in mind lets explore how a read is made. For the purposes of this article, I will be discussing the Inside Veer play out of a Flexbone set versus a 4-4 front using the “Ride and Decide” mesh method.

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Split-T Flexibility Is Why We Have Option Football

Don Faurot’s Split-T concepts on flexibility within his offense have evolved into modern option football. Navy Photo by Russ Walker.

In the last post we explored the ideal player characteristics identified by Don Faurot for his Split-T offense. Today we will close this series by illustrating how the flexibility of the Split-T and Faurot’s vision of implementing fast break concepts into football paved the way for more modern and complex option football schemes.

Faurot opens this section of his book with the following words:

The term “flexibility” is applied to a resourceful offense, one capable of adjusting quickly to any changes made in the defense while the play is under way.

This sentence embodies the very essence of option football and clearly illustrates why his ideas evolved into the option concepts used today by the Flexbone, the Spread Option, and other Option heavy offenses.

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