Double Wing

The Double Wing is an offensive set that features three running backs, two tight ends, and no wide receivers to go along with the typical five offensive lineman and the quarterback.

The diagram below illustrates how the players are normally aligned.

The Double Wing, which usually is a power/misdirection offense, sometimes uses the option.


While there are some variations, the typical alignment of players for the Double Wing are:

  1. Offensive Lineman – Usually uses 1 foot splits or less. In most cases the splits are foot to foot.
  2. Wide Receivers or Split Ends – Usually not used in the formation.
  3. Quarterback – Under Center
  4. Slot Backs – Slot back alignment in the Double Wing is usually 1 yard by 1 yard off of the end.
  5. Fullback – The fullback alignment usually varies between 2 and 3 yards from the line of scrimmage.

The Double Wing is not typically considered an option football offense. In most cases, Double Wing teams run trap, power, and sweep concepts and is predicated on severe blocking angles and many players at the point of attack. When putting an option attack into the Double Wing, most coaches use double options where there is only one read and the ball gets to the perimeter very quickly. Additionally, you will often see belly option ran with the Double Wing as it fits in well with the footwork already done in the offense.

In most cases, by definition, Double wing offenses do not use other formations.