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OptionFootball.net's Flexbone eBook will discuss all factors of the offense.


Flexbone eBook


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OptionFootball.net Flexbone eBook

Tentative Table of Contents

Chapter 1 – Factors Pertinent to the Offense

Section 1 – The Offensive Huddle and Cadence

Section 2 – Motions and Playcalling

Section 3 – Offensive Numbering, Defensive Techniques, and Gap Designation

Chapter 2 – Flexbone Option Theory

Section 1 – Understanding Option Football

Section 2 – Option Perimeter Count

Chapter 3 – Position Groups

Section 1 – Quarterback Play

Section 2 – Fullbacks

Section 3 – Slotbacks

Section 4 – Split Ends

Section 5 – Offensive Line and Tightends

Chapter 4 – Offensive Formations

Chapter 5 – Defensive Recognition

Section 1 – Defensive Fronts

Section 2 – Defensive Coverage

Chapter 6 – Run Game

Section 1 – Inside Veer

Section 2 – Midline – Triple, Iso, Toss

Section 3 – Outside Veer

Section 4 – Counter Iso

Section 5 – Fullback Zone

Section 6 – Spin Trap

Section 7 – Zone Keep

Section 8 – Rocket Toss

Section 9 – Speed

Section 10 – F-Speed

Section 11 – Counter Option

Chapter 7 – Passing Game

Section 1 – Veer Pass Series

Section 2 – Sprint Series

Section 3 – Toss Waggle

Section 4 – 90 Series

If you have any questions about the Flexbone eBook or option football in general, please feel free to contact me using my Contact Form or through your favorite social media client.