Other Flexbone Formations

Teams that run the Flexbone use a variety of sets to compliment the base formation. Below are some of the more common formations used in this style of option football.

The Flexbone Ace set removes one of the Split Ends and puts a TE on the field.
For Twins sets, the Slot Back to the call side lines up in the Slot Receiver position.
With a Flexbone Trips set, the Slot Back opposite of the call will split the difference between the call side Slot Back and Split End
With this set, the inside Split End is ineligible, but the defense must cover him up to defend the bubble screen.
Combination sets like Ace Twins are also possible.
The Flexbone with a Nasty split can give the offense a leverage advantage for getting to the perimeter.
An Empty set is sometimes used to get a leverage advantage to one side and a numbers advantage to the other.