Option Football History: Split-T Stances

In the last post we explored the play sequence developed by Coach Faurot for the Split-T. We discussed how his concepts and ideas were integral to option football development. We will continue to explore the mechanical aspects Faurot named as being important to the success of his scheme. Today we will discuss the backfield players stance’s and alignment.

1. Line Splits
2. Quarterback Path
3. Center/QB Exchange
4. Play Sequence
5. Backfield Stance
6. Ball Handling
7. Position Requirements
8. Flexibility

Faurot believed in putting his backfield players in a three-point stance to eliminate motion penalties while still giving them quickness on the snap count. He accomplished this by emulating the start position of track and field athletes. The primary difference is width of the feet and the placement of the off arm on the thigh.

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