Option Football Mini Round Up…Motivation…GT to Big 10?

Three of the most notable option football teams in college football posted W’s yesterday while #2 Oregon lost, bringing its nation leading 13 game winning streak to an end.

Navy defeated Texas St. 21-10, GT was all over Duke 42-24, and Air Force knocked off Hawaii 21-7. Not a bad weekend for some of college football’s most popular option football teams.

Weekly Navy Motivational

And if you haven’t seen it yet, here is last weeks edition of the Navy Friday Night Motivational Video. I think I might start producing something like this for my teams using Hudl. I will look into doing a few practice runs in the off-season and post them.

2012 Friday Night Motivational vs Troy from Navy Football Video on Vimeo.

Georgia Tech Rumor

I read an article today indicating a rumor that the Big 10 is eyeing GT. I’m still not sure what my opinion is on all the moving around lately within conferences, however, I can see why the Big 10 is interested in new teams.

So what are your thoughts on the Oregon loss and a world with Georgia Tech in the Big 10? Should I produce a Thursday Night Motivational video in prep for a weekly run next year?

Let me know what you think in the comments and as always, feel free to sign up for updates in the form on the right or by clicking here.

Option Football 2012!

College football camps across the country opened up this week and needless to say I’m excited. We also start fall camp at the high school level next week. Ready to do some work!

Anyway, I will be spending a lot of time watching and breaking down option football teams this fall. Be sure to check back regularly for updates.

Oregon Spring 2012



What the Penn State scandal can teach us about capitalism


Photo courtesy of AKZphoto.

I read an article by Pat Forde after reading a post by a user on the Huey Football Forums. Thought provoking stuff.

First of all, the situation at Penn State is a travesty. I hope the victims and their families are able to find some closure and move on with their lives. No one should have to endure this type of trauma.

As for the article, I agree with most of what Forde says.  Penn State should lead an effort to help end child abuse in all of its forms. Their status places them in a unique position to lead in this regard. Donating all profits from their 2012 season would be a great way to continue what they’ve already started.

I do, however, have some differing opinions on a few of the implications of the article. Continue reading What the Penn State scandal can teach us about capitalism