The Great Intelligence Hoax

Albert Einstein is an example of great intelligence, but are his type of cognitive abilities the only ones that matter?

The article I talked about yesterday ended with some comments by UNC professor Jay Smith on “holding players to high academic standard” and “focus[ing] on the things that are supposed to matter to a university.”

I cringe when I hear comments like this and don’t believe it is helpful for either side of the debate to devalue the abilities of the other.

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What the Penn State scandal can teach us about capitalism


Photo courtesy of AKZphoto.

I read an article by Pat Forde after reading a post by a user on the Huey Football Forums. Thought provoking stuff.

First of all, the situation at Penn State is a travesty. I hope the victims and their families are able to find some closure and move on with their lives. No one should have to endure this type of trauma.

As for the article, I agree with most of what Forde says.  Penn State should lead an effort to help end child abuse in all of its forms. Their status places them in a unique position to lead in this regard. Donating all profits from their 2012 season would be a great way to continue what they’ve already started.

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