Coaching Apps: Coaching Tools for Your Tablet or Smartphone

Coaching Apps: Coaching Tools for Your Tablet or Smartphone

Mobile technology is everywhere. It is being used in our daily lives, and if applied properly can help improve a coach’s effectiveness and productivity. Below is a list of 20 coaching apps that I use to make my teams better and improve as a coach. Check them out and I think you will find some of them very usefull.

In each section, the apps are listed in the following format: App Name – Platform (iOS or Android) – Price – Notes

Coaching Apps

Video Apps

  • Ubersense – iPad/Coming Soon to Android – Free – Similar to Coach’s Eye
Ubersense screenshot.
  • Hudl – Multi – Free but Need Hudl Subscription
  • Coach’s Eye – Multi – $4.99
  • Youtube – Multi – Free
  • NFL Game Rewind – Multi – Free – Needs subscription to NFL Game Rewind

Social Networking and Forum Apps

  • Twitter – Free but there are some good paid apps as well (Falcon Pro, TweetCaster, Hoot Suite)
  • ProBoards – Multi – 2.99 – I use this app to access the Huey Forums
  • FlipBoard – Multi-Free – Information aggregation is also possible with this app.
Flipboard screenshot.

Information Aggregation Apps

  • Zite – Multi – Free
  • Tune In Radio – Multi – Free and Paid Versions – Awesome app for podcasts
  • Feedly – Multi – Free
  • Pocket Multi – Free

Sports News Apps

  • CBS Sports – Multi – Free
  • College Football Scoreboard – Multi – Free
  • Bleacher Report – Multi – Free

Productivity Apps

  • Evernote – Multi – Free
  • Any.Do – Android – Free
  • Box/DropBox – Multi – Free

Playmaking/Drawing Apps

  • Tackle Football PlayMaker – iPad – Free
Tackle Football Playmaker screenshot.
Tackle Football Playmaker screenshot.
  • Show Me Interactive White Board – iPad – Free

Show Me Interactive White Board Example

Other Notable Apps

  • USA Football – Heads Up Football – Multi – Free
  • Football Game or Practice Log – Android – Free
  • NFHS Football 2012 Rule Books – iPad – 5.99
  • iTouchStats Football – iPad – Free to Try – 15.99

Featured image by Sean Macentee.

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  1. I like the idea that if and when I want to add an app so I can keep up with my SEC football team, I know where to go to get it. Thank you very much! The articles are awesome too. I enjoy them very much!