Option Football carries Navy to Another Victory

Option football and Keenan Reynolds leads Navy to their 5th win in a row. Photo by the Official U.S Navy

The Midshipman win again. This time in a come from behind 24-17 victory over FAU. Freshman quarterback Keenan Reynolds ran for a career high 159 yards and a touchdown. That’s 5 in a row for Navy. All coming after Reynolds was given the starting job.

Below you can see the most recent Friday Night Motivational video Navy watches before their games. It features a phenomenal speech and a soundtrack that includes the orchestra version of Metallica’s One. Gotta love Metallica. I’ve embedded it below, check it out. I’ve also embedded a few highlight videos, all from the Navy Football Videos Vimeo page.

Upcoming Projects for OptionFootball.net

I will be publishing an article analyzing the quarterback read. The context will be the Triple Option or Veer play out of the Flexbone. It will detail what the quarterback process is and some of the things that need to occur for a successful option football play.

I will also be creating videos soon that will cover option football specific topics. This will vary depending on the subject, but will include white board sessions, screen recordings, and game film analysis of Navy, Oregon, and other option football teams.

Finally, I will be starting a segment called Ride and Decide. The content here will be reviews of materials and products of interest to football coaches and fans. The first segment will be a review of the Hudl services. These guys are awesome and if you are a coach of any sport, you will probably find what they have to offer extremely useful.

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Navy vs. FAU Inspirational Video

Navy Highlights


Vs. Indiana