Developing Zone Scheme OL via

Oregon Option Football by John Martinez Pavliga
Photo courtesy of John Martinez Pavliga.

I have an article up at on developing zone scheme offensive lineman. Its an in depth article breaking down the techniques and introducing some drills that will help improve offensive line play in a zone scheme. On a cool note, the article has been linked to from ESPN. The article is referenced in the 5th bullet point down. Check out the excerpt below and be sure to click through and check out the rest of the article.

When watching the Oregon Ducks execute their high octane run game it is easy to get caught up in the playmaking ability of their skill players. Watching guys like Marcus Mariota and De’Anthony Thomas is exhilarating.  What some fail to realize is the success or failure of the run game hinges on the offense’s ability to control the line of scrimmage (LOS).  This portion of the field is patrolled by the big guys up front and it is their ability to execute blocking techniques and schemes that allow Thomas to rip off his electrifying, and often unbelievable, jaunts into the end zone. As such, it is vital for these players have the skills necessary to pave the way for ball carriers to display their talents…Click here for more.

Thanks for reading and I will be posting the second half of the option mythbusting article very soon.