Strong Football: Breaking Down the Triple Option Quarterback’s Mechanics and Reads

West Point QB.West Point Public Relations
Photo by West Point Public Relations.

The second part of my blog post on triple option quarterback play is up over at Strong Football. If you didn’t get a chance to read the first part it can be found here – Breaking down the Triple Option Quarterback’s Responsibilities. Check out the excerpt below and be sure to link over to Strong Football to read the rest.


During the mesh, the quarterback has his eyes on the Dive Read and is thinking to himself, “Give the ball unless the Dive Read makes me pull.” As the mesh is occurring the quarterback sees the Dive Read squat and he knows he will be giving the ball to the fullback. To initiate the give, he stops the forward momentum of the ball with his front hand and slides his back hand out from in between the ball and the fullback. As the back hand is removed and ball’s momentum stops, the quarterback creates pressure on the fullback’s stomach. The pressure is the fullback’s indication that he will be the ball carrier. The quarterback keeps his front hand on the ball until he feels the fullback’s grip tighten on the ball. Click here to read the whole thing.

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