Option Football History: Split-T Ball Handling

In the last post we explored the stances developed by Coach Faurot for the Split-T backfield. We will continue to explore the mechanical aspects Faurot named as being important to the success of his scheme. Today we will discuss ball handling for the Split-T.

1. Line Splits
2. Quarterback Path
3. Center/QB Exchange
4. Play Sequence
5. Backfield Stance
6. Ball Handling
7. Position Requirements
8. Flexibility

Within the context of the Split-T, Faurot taught techniques that varied greatly from other “T” offenses. The most notable difference being the quarterbacks use of the pitch while moving laterally down the line of scrimmage. Faurot taught the quarterback to make a two-handed pitch that is easy to catch for the pitch back. He also taught specific techniques for the handoff.

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